Music at Unity In Marin

As Unity In Marin welcomes people of many faiths and traditions, we endeavor to inspire hearts and transform lives through a rich and varied Music Ministry.  From classical, jazz, gospel, and folk to Sufi chant, singing bowls, and African drums, the music at Unity In Marin resonates at some level with all who come through our doors.

Any given Sunday promises professional quality performances presented by nationally acclaimed soloists, award-winning guest artists, and a superb lineup of musicians from within Unity In Marin’s gifted congregation and stellar choir.

By Sutton Foster
Marcus J. Paige, soloist

By Diana Ross
Dr. Cindy Acker, soloist

There’s A Place For Us
By Leonard Bernstein
Carolyn Gauthier, Chuck Tumminia, soloists

Our Music Ministry Team

Carolyn Gauthier

Music Director

Carolyn Gauthier, Music Director of Unity In Marin, came out of the womb singing!  Her father was a professor of music and choir director at the family’s church.  Her mother played piano and sang at home as well as in the sanctuary.  From the time Carolyn could see over the pews she was singing in the children’s choir.

As an adult, Carolyn sang with the nationally renowned gospel choir, The Lighthouse Singers of Marin, for 20 years; she also had her own band, Full Circle, for 30 years, in which she played various instruments including guitar, mandolin, and cello.

Unity In Marin has been her spiritual home for 25 years, and she has volunteered here in many capacities including as prayer chaplain, member and coordinator of worship assistants, choir member, Sunday Service coordinator, and event producer.  She enjoys being the music director and sometimes guest speaker.  Carolyn believes that Unity’s teachings keep her in harmony with Spirit and the world.

Dr. Cindy Acker

Choir Director
Church DEI Educator
School Overseer/Consultant

Dr. Cindy Acker began her Master’s degree study in music at Holy Names University and went on to hold degrees in education, human development, spirituality, and cultural subjects, earning her doctorate in educational leadership from UC Berkeley.  She is the former president of one of California’s preschool associations, former Vice President of the National Child Care Association, a published author and playwright, and a five-time award winner, including the Saints Alive award for social justice.  Cindy is an international keynote speaker on racial consciousness, social justice, and education.

Today, she directs the Unity In Marin Choir.