Youth and Family

Creative Artspace


At this time, we are providing childcare and classes to children and teens during our 10:00 Sunday Service.  Other special family events are planned throughout the year.

If this is your first time, please visit us in Unity Hall to register your child(ren).  Children may be dropped off starting at 9:30 AM if you wish to attend a meditation before Service.  Our youth come together for spiritual development, mindfulness practice, and creative fun!

Creative Artspace

Unity In Marin offers a special creative arts program for our youth.  We are honoring the understanding that we are all Creative Beings by offering a Sunday focus called Creative Artspace!

Each month, our youth will have a different focus to explore and express their creativity woven within the framework of our Unity 12 Powers and 5 Principles.

This program runs alongside our Sunday Service, and children are welcome from 9:30 – 11:00 AM.

We have fun engaging in such themes as:

  • Video making
  • Dance routines
  • Photography
  • Canvas painting
  • Songwriting
  • Storywriting
  • And more!

Our creative expression time is followed by snack, outdoor play, and joining the community in the sanctuary for a blessing at the end of Service.

Our Sunday Program

  • PreK – Elementary: Meditation, yoga, music, crafts, discussion, creative play, games, and group projects.  The Unity principles and practices are introduced in fun, accessible ways that help empower children to apply what they learn to their daily lives.
  • Middle School and High School: The overall aim for the Uniteens and Y.O.U. groups is to provide a supportive space for older children to grow personally and spiritually as they transition into and through their teen years.  Some of the core practices are communicating effectively; seeing Spirit/God in each other while respecting individual differences; expressing one’s true self safely; learning how to manage personal energy needs; and understanding one’s special gifts while learning to develop them and to share them in service to the world.


UIM’s Youth and Family Team

Melissa Masters

Program Director

Cindy Hall

Adjunct Staff

Suzanne Martone

Adjunct Staff

Janek Kowsakowski

Adjunct Staff