Faith In Action

What is Faith In Action?

As we once again say Yes to the flow of Life, of Source, of Substance, we stand in gratitude for the success of Unity In Marin’s Faith In Action program.

Faith In Action is our annual pledge program. It is an opportunity for those who are spiritually nourished and fed by all that Unity In Marin offers, to ensure the on-going operation of the ministry with a pledge. It is your opportunity to commit financial resources to Unity In Marin for the upcoming year.

Why do we do it?

To be good fiscal stewards and plan programming and operations for 2024, the Board of Trustees (your representatives) need to know the financial resources available. Every aspect of Unity In Marin is sustained and supported by the community. This includes turning the lights on, minister and staff salaries, and the costs of maintaining our beautiful building and campus. Everything at Unity In Marin is made possible by your financial support!

What is the suggested pledge amount?

The starting point for our 2024 budget is based on 2023 expenses of $674,000. We are blessed with income from Event Rentals and the Hamilton Montessori School with the bulk of our operational income, $450,000 coming from generous members and donors just like you.

We are looking for maximum participation from all who call Unity In Marin their spiritual home with no amount too small! Making a pledge to Faith In Action is your opportunity to participate and commit to the continued growth of our community. We are deeply grateful for the many hours of donated time and talent that are essential to our operations. Financial resources are also needed as we share our transformative teachings with the world.

To sustain our current budget, each of our donors is invited to give $50 a week, or $2,600 a year. We recognize that not everyone can give at this level. We are blessed with a diverse community. There are people who can meet that amount and more.

Please consciously consider the gifts and blessings that Unity In Marin offers to you and the world. This is your opportunity to give back and commit yourself to the fiscal well-being of your spiritual community. We have seen the power of community participation with our Matching Challenge.  Let’s make this year’s Faith In Action just as successful!

How do we do it?

As we all come together in our Yes, the abundance that is this beautiful community flows freely. You can sign up by registering with the link below or in person at the Board Table on Sunday. There is no amount too small (or too large!). Your contribution matters. Thank you for your commitment and your pledge.