Tom Atkin

UIM Technical Director

My name is Tom Atkin, Technical Director of the Unity In Marin Technical Department. I started out in 2008 volunteering for the department. In 2014 I took over the manager position. Our accomplishment list is very long with one of the main items being the updating of our Standard Definition (SD) live stream to High Definition (HD), which raised the Unity In Marin bar to a much higher level. This project has three tiers, with the moving to HD cameras and the projector being the first. The 2nd and 3rd tiers include replacing the still existing SD projection equipment with HD. This would complete the 2nd tier and bring our full system in the sanctury to HD.

The 3rd tier is to expand the live stream (video and audio) to the courtyard and Unity Hall and to set up various video feeds to locations such as the kitchen and music room.

We have a plan in place and our department colleague, Andrew Bean, will be heading up the process of installing all new cabling throughout the Sanctuary and the rest of the campus.