Scott Grace


Scott Kalechstein Grace is a writer/coach/comedian/speaker, as well as a singer/songwriter/recording artist/minister and workshop leader. He is known for his unique ability to spontaneously create songs about any topic presented. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Scott started studying classical music at age seven with the violin. As a teen, he rebelled against classical violin in favor of jazz and rock n roll guitar. In college he did a lot of spiritual searching, which led him to A Course In Miracles, psychotherapy, the 12 Steps, a plethora of self-improvement workshops, rebirthing, meditation, and other activities of self-discovery. During that time he began to write and sing songs about personal and planetary transformation.

Currently Scott has nine compact discs being distributed internationally. He travels as a transformational troubadour, giving inspirational talks sweetened with music. He has performed at the presentations of thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Alan Cohen, Byron Katie, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Bernie Siegel, and Barbara DeAngelis. Scott also conducts a variety of workshops of his own. In such   events, he spontaneously improvises original songs to take the messages from an intellectual understanding to a heartfelt emotional level. Please see Scott’s website at