Mark Hughes


“Pulling from ten plus years of experience as a facilitator with American Society of Training and Development and certifications from numerous curriculum's, Mark speaks and facilitates workshops on the concept, Good Karma is by Choice, Not by Chance. Mark’s new campaign, The Bkarma2 Challenge, meaning “live good karma, too”, challenges people to take personal responsibility for Building Global Consciousness by Raising their own Personal Consciousness and he believes that starts with Trusting Your Gut. When we seek our heart’s intelligence, Good Karma automatically prevails. In September, The Karma Institute will be launching a membership organization with the subscription dues used as crowd funding to address some of our World’s Most Pressing Problems. From the classroom to the boardroom, the principles of Good Karma are applicable and Mark’s mission is to convey that message via his presentations, workshops, retreats,, and his new podcasts, “Good Karma rEvolution.”

Mark C. Hughes
The Karma Institute
Bkarma2 rEvolution
2 Irwin Street
San Rafael, CA 94901