Jen Listug

Jennifer Listug was christened at Unity In Marin 24 years ago and has been involved in the community ever since. She has participated more actively and has become a member since graduating college in 2011. As the daughter of active members and leaders of Unity In Marin, Jennifer grew up volunteering for our community. The importance and value of volunteer service was modeled for her throughout her childhood and young adult years. Since returning as an adult, Jennifer has volunteered in many different areas, including Youth and Family Ministry, the administration department and the Welcome Team. She has been a part of the volunteer team for the annual gala since 2007 and has been included in many of the Celebration Team meetings which focus on the development of Sunday Services. She has contributed testimonials and talks at both Sunday and Wednesday services. In 2013 she embraced the opportunity to become a mentor during the 6 month Right of Passage program in which she was able to provide guidance and support to a teen who was stepping up into the Youth of Unity. Since September of 2012 Jennifer has passionately served the community as a Worship Assistant.

As an Elected Board Member, Jennifer brings to the Unity In Marin Board of Trustees a fresh perspective and a connection to the growing young adult demographic of Unity. She energetically holds a vision for growth and evolution in the future of Unity In Marin, the community that she has always considered her home.