Bobby Finney


Bobby Finney is a 40-year-old Singer/Songwriter, Actor, and Motivational Speaker for the LGBT Community. He is no Stranger to the Stage and has a Heart and Compassion to Build up, Encourage and Affirm Anyone he comes in Contact with. He has Sung all of his life and has been a Theater Actor since Elementary School and has been in many Musical Productions, Plays, and has been in many talent shows! His honor came when he won an Arty Award for best Supporting Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of Tom Collins in "Rent", and recently he won another Arty Award for best Lead Actor in a Drama for his portrayal of Multiple Characters in "The Laramie Project". He has Sung All around the World and has won 1rst Place Male Vocalist in many Talent Shows! He has Auditioned for The Voice, America's Got Talent and The X Factor. Bobby is Proud to be a Member of Unity In Marin and continues to be Humbled at the Opportunity to be one of The Music Leaders of Our Great Congregation