Sunday December 4th, 2016

How do the recent events — in all of their heart-breaking complexity — remind us that we are called to something more? That we are invited to see that the season of Advent is rooted in Israel's and the early Christians' longing for justice, for reconciliation, for restoration and wholeness? And that this longing is not an in-the-meantime passive acceptance of the status quo but an active participation in the work of healing and Peace? We tangle and we are entangled. Like two or more particles that interact in such a way that the full state of each cannot be described independently, the state of each of us can be accounted for only in reference to the state of every one of us. Please join your friends and fellow travelers on the path this coming Sunday as we explore the fact that Peace is not wishful thinking; it is risk and action and the courage to undertake both.
Rev. Medora

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