Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Services at 5:00 and 7:00pm

Sunday, December 24th


Fear Not for We Are Never Alone

Location: Sanctuary

Presented By: Reverend Medora Gordon - Director of Education Ministry

I came to Unity in Marin in 2003 and soon discovered the joy there is in working in a positive, supportive, and devoted spiritual community. I began work as the Director of the Education Ministry in 2004, entered Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Field Licensing Program in 2008, and became an Ordained Unity Minister in 2011.
I have a life-long passion for learning and spiritual practice, and after attending high school in San Rafael, CA, I went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater from the University of California at Davis. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my family and spent 11 years raising my two young children and being involved in both church and civic activities, serving on the Santa Fe City Council from 1976 – 1982. In 1982 I married my beloved high-school sweetheart Richard and returned to Marin County in 1985. By 1987, with the children grown and our small business safely launched, I returned to my passion for spiritual learning and development, following my dreams to enter Seminary at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, CA earning a Master’s Degree of Divinity in 1992, and a second Master’s Degree in Religion & Psychology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley in 1997. I have been working in intentional spiritual communities ever since. Richard and I have been married for 28 years and have a blended family of six children and fourteen grandchildren.
I believe that it is true that we are all one in God and that the best way to know God is to know yourself. I love my work and look forward to continuing to build the amazing community that is Unity In Marin - joining others on their spiritual journey as each of us seeks to be all that we can be.
Blessings Always,
Medora G
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Led By: Reverend Bill Englehart - Senior Minister

Bill Englehart is an ordained Unity Minister. He is currently serving as the senior minister at Unity Church in Marin county California. He is a powerful and memorable speaker with a passion for sharing the practical application of Unity teachings. Before being called to ministry, he was an expatriate living in London, working for a Fortune 50 company as an International Human Resources Director. Bill is a Black Belt Martial Artist and an accomplished Black and White photographer, who has had several gallery shows.
Bill also serves on the Board of Trustees for Unity School.
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Celebration Leader: Lisa Starbird

Event Producer, facilitator, teacher, presenter, worship assistant, stage manager, Lisa Starbird is an active volunteer in many areas at Unity In Marin. Why? She says, “Unity In Marin supports practical spirituality and the path of healing and growing, which aligns with my personal vision to give back and support that which inspires me.”
Lisa is the Wednesday Service Coordinator working with a dedicated team and she supports all aspects of the diverse weekly services which includes sound healings, music nights, deeper dialogues and community testimonials. She is also on the Ministry Leadership and Celebration Teams that oversees the detailed logistics for the community including all services and events.
Other roles for Lisa at UIM have included: Unity Prayer Chaplain for six years, facilitating Remembering Loved Ones (a loss and grief group), member of the UIM choir and soloist, assistant to Rev. Bill for the Resolutions to Realities class, teacher of Rev. Michael Beckwith’s Visioning Process and support of the Family Ministry Team.
She is also a current volunteer with Insight Prison Project. At San Quentin state prison she facilitates a weekly men’s group, saying that this work is an experience like no other. Lisa thrives on making a difference every day and continues to learn valuable lessons both as a student and a teacher.
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Musical Guest: Gary Malkin - Musician

Gary Malkin is an award-winning composer and professional speaker who inspires the world to embrace music as a catalyst for healing, presence and a more meaningful life. His groundbreaking work redefines the role of the arts in all aspects of society, including healthcare, education and corporate America.
A multiple Emmy, Clio, and ASCAP award recipient, Gary has spent three decades composing music for film, television, commercials and socially responsible documentaries. Through the media production company Musaic, Gary and longtime partner Dan Alvarez continue to produce award-winning music in the entertainment industry. Recent projects include the score for Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take?, as seen by more than 20 million people in 27 languages; Pangea Day; Awakening the Dreamer; and numerous documentaries and socially responsible productions. Thrive’s film score recently received Best Score honors from the Hollywood Music in Media Association.
Through his life-affirming global production company Wisdom of the World, he spearheads innovative solutions targeted at many of the challenges facing our society, primarily to catalyze greater mindfulness, health, wellness and emotional intelligence. He has worked intimately with the healthcare industry to integrate music into their healing strategies to provide meaningful multi-sensory tools such as his acclaimed CD Graceful Passages, which offers aesthetic ways to face our mortality with greater mindfulness, presence, and compassion. Co-produced with Michael Stillwater, Graceful Passages is an indispensable resource for people working with hospice and palliative care, cancer centers and anyone coping with loss or other challenging transitions.
Dedicated to using the arts to cultivate healing and mindfulness, his WisdomFilms project is a collaboration with renowned cinematographers such as David Fortney and Louie Schwartzberg, that offers an empowering new genre that helps us de-stress and align our hearts and minds. These films feature the words of leading global thinkers such as Deepak Chopra, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Desmond Tutu, Thich Nath Hanh, and Ram Das.
Through the media production company Musaic, Gary and longtime partner Dan Alvarez continue to produce award-winning music in the entertainment industry. Recent projects include the score for Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take?, as seen by more than 20 million people in 27 languages; Pangea Day; Awakening the Dreamer; and numerous documentaries and socially responsible productions. Thrive’s film score recently received Best Score honors from the Hollywood Music in Media Association.
In 2011, Gary co-authored the groundbreaking book and CD set Safe in the Arms of Love with David Surrenda, Ph.D. and Lisa Rafel. The project shows audiences how to utilize music to enhance the bond between parent and child. What Makes Your Heart Sing, Gary’s collaboration with Bruce Cryer, is a crucial tool for health care providers and leaders who want to connect more fully with themselves and those they serve. The project establishes passion and purpose as powerful vehicles for success in all areas of life.
Constantly reinventing new ways in which music and media can serve others, he co-created the audio series, Care for the Journey, featuring such luminaries as Christiane Northrup and Rachel Naomi Remen. He also co-authored the award-winning Safe in the Arms of Love which focuses on using music to support the early bonding process.
Gary teaches corporations how to embrace music as a tool for increased productivity, emotional EQ and mindfulness. He recently collaborated with World Business Academy’s Founder Rinaldo Brutoco and filmmaker Louie Schartzberg on a new corporate media genre, Living Legacies, to promote greater sustainability and humane values in the business community.
An in-demand professional speaker and performer, Gary delivers customized presentations at events ranging from executive meetings and corporate retreats to clinics and national conferences. He has presented his vision of using music for social intelligence at places such as Google, Harvard’s Conference on Spirituality and Health, Kaiser Permanente, and The Institute for Functional Medicine. He has been featured by PBS, the Huffington Post and national radio and television programs.
Gary was recently invited to serve as the Director for Music and Sound Strategies for one of the country’s leading long term care management companies, The Goodman Group in order to develop new music-infused resources for the needs of the aging community. He now serves as a consultant to healthcare and long term care communities for the integration of music and wellness strategies for beneficial outcomes for patients, caregivers and families. Whether inspiring audiences, creating media that opens people’s hearts, or developing healing resources, Gary is dedicated to using music to reconnect us to what matters most.
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Musical Guest: Deborah Winters -

A lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, Deborah Winters' childhood was immersed in music and dance. Heavily influenced by her father, who pursued the drums as a young man, and by her mother, who was a professional ballet dancer for the Oakland Metropolitan Ballet Company, Deborah developed a passion for music, dance and the theatre at a very early age. Big Band sounds rang through the household where Deborah and her father listened to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton and Woody Herman, to name a few.
During her adolescent years, while moving around the country with her family, Deborah commenced her study of voice and the guitar. Deborah became increasingly influenced by singer/songwriters such as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones. As an acting/theatre major in college, Deborah sought to combine her love of music, dance and art through the stage as a musical actress. However, her ongoing desire to sing and play the guitar in intimate settings kept pulling at her heartstrings. This led to Deborah playing clubs and finding her way into the studio to record a few of her own compositions before graduating.
As her musical palate expanded to include jazz standards and contemporary musical forms, Deborah began to perform in San Francisco and establish musical alliances with some of the Bay area’s most highly acclaimed performers, including legendary drummer Tony Williams, singers Bobby McFerrin and his Voicestra group, pianist/arranger Frank Martin, and Brazilian guitarist Jose Neto.
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