Unity In Marin is made possible by generous contributions from people like you.  Unity In Marin receives no funding from a parent organization.  We rely completely on your contributions for all of our programs.

If you feel spiritually nourished by the Unity In Marin or the content on this Web site, we ask that you consider supporting this ministry from your heart:


Pledge to Faith In Action here.

Other Ways to Donate to Unity in Marin


escrip logoSign Up for eScrip and Support Unity In Marin each time you shop with certain merchants.  Click on this link, and enter Unity In Marin in the search box.

Shop Amazon

Click on the logo on the left of this text when you shop Amazon and our community will benefit from every purchase you make, at no effort or cost to you.

Please continue to purchase your books at your UIM Bookstore, but when you do shop Amazon, start with the logo to the left of this text. Thank you!

Vehicle Donation

vehicle donateWould you like to be rid of a vehicle and would you like to lend your support to us? When you donate your car to the Unity in Marin, your vehicle is picked up for free and there is no paperwork hassle to deal with.

Please lend us your support, make a vehicle donation today.