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This is a  place where you can network with the community to fulfill a need or to offer goods and services.  Please fill out this form with your circulation request and/or scroll down to see the current offerings and requests.

Community Circulation - Please let us know what you have to share or what you would like to manifest!


Community Circulation
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  • Listed in "Housing" on February 2
    I have attended and been a member of Unity Church/Spiritual Enrichment Center since about 1990, I pr esently belong to Unity of Seattle, and I am wondering if anyone in the congregation there would know of a place my parents could stay while they visit my brother who had ALS or Lou Gehrig 's and lives in Novato. They would like to come out as soon as possible and stay for some weeks,  perhaps up to a month.  They do not smoke.   My father was a lawyer before he retired and my mother designed and  built a passive solar house they still live in,  went to a Rhode Island  School of Design,  has a degree in Geology and was owner/buyer of a store for 55 years.
    Thank you very much for passing this on to the "right" person or people.  My cell phone is 206.679.7107 and anyone can call any time.  I shut the ringer off at night.
    Many thanks to you,
    Jennifer Peloquin

  • Listed in "Housing" on November 12
    Can you help me find some relief from a secondhand smoke situation?
    I am seeking a temporary short term or long term house sitting opportunity to escape the nightly cigar smoking of the tenant who lives in the unit below mine. He has been uncooperative, even though San Rafael has a non smoking ordinance. There is no resolution at the moment unless I move. Until I am able to put together a longer term plan, I would love to get some relief from the smoke and its affects.
    I have been on a spiritual path my entire life and have been attending Unity in Marin for about a year, I am a mature single women, very quiet, clean and responsible, nonsmoking of course and have no pets.
    Please call or text me on my cell at 989.450.7766 if this is something that speaks to you and you'd like to chat further.
    Thank you very much for your consideration.


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