Youth Classes

Teachers at Unity In Marin are paid professionals who have teaching experience. They often co–teach to provide consistency of subject matter from one week to the next. Teams are more fun, too!

UniTOTS:  Maja Egger and Vicky Acher; Assistant Vicki Dominguez
UniKIDS:  Harriett Kirkland and Genevieve Cushing; Assistant Diane Dominguez
UniTEENS: Lissa Masters and Kristy Coleman
YOU: Ron and Cindy Hall

Each of the children’s classes has a different, age-appropriate focus:

UniTOTS  ... This class is for children from infancy through pre-school.  There are always two adult teachers, and a bathroom is also available adjacent to the main room.  Activities vary of course, depending on the child’s age; however the emphasis is on caring for each other and the idea of God as Love and as present in everyone one and everything.  

UniKIDS  ... This class is for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade; some 4th graders remain in that class as well, if the parents prefer to wait before sending them on to Uniteens.)  Two teachers are present in this classroom as well, and the focus is on learning the Five Unity Principles and really feeling and living them.  (See these principles elsewhere on the site.)  The intention in the Unikids classroom is for children to learn that there is a special, loving energy within their heart and also in everyone else.  They learn to be quiet (brief meditations) and listen to that inner voice.  They also learn prayer - the idea of being able to talk to that special power and enlist God’s help for whatever is going on in their lives, whether it be a problem with a sibling, school work, peace in the world, etc.

UniTEENS  ... This class is currently for children from 5th grade through 8th.  (Within the next few months, we plan to create an additional class for 3rd - 5th graders, as we have had in the past.)  In Uniteens, the kids learn about other faith traditions, have have opportunity to really focus on applying their awareness of a Spiritual Power in the universe to their lives.  They are encouraged to ask questions and have discussions about their understanding of Spirit/God.  

YOU  ... The Youth Of Unity (Y.O.U.) program in Marin is designed to help our young adults between the ages of 14 and 18 navigate this increasingly complicated world. Our weekly sessions are held as open forums for topics that are relevant to their lives, whether personal, family, school, country, or world related. The sponsors strive to create a safe, non-judgmental, inspiring environment for them to authentically express their feelings and opinions. We also support them in applying the 5 Unity principles to our discussions. Implementing these spiritual truths helps each person to embrace a larger perspective than the one with which they walked in. The love we generate every Sunday morning is palpable. In such an atmosphere, their capacity to witness, support, and love each other as we tackle thorny topics is amazing. Regional rallies are held twice a year. These gatherings allow them to work closely with teens from all around Northern California.  Conversations and processes that foster contemplation, as well as high energy singing and dancing fill these important weekends that deepen their spiritual experience and increases their trust in others and in themselves.