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Membership Class

Unity - A Way of Life, Rev. Medora Gordon

Biblical Studies and Skills

Bible Overview: Hebrew Scriptures
Bible Overview: Christian Scriptures
Christ in the Bible, Janice Campbell, L.U.T.
The Creative Process in the Bible, Kris Bowman, L.U.T.
Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures
Bible Interpretation: Acts-Revelation

Metaphysical Studies and Skills

The Twelve Powers, Janice Cambell, L.U.T.
Lessons in Truth, Janice Campbell, L.U.T.
Unleash the Genius Within, Phil Boland, Richard Gordon, Debbie Sweeney (Discover the Power Within You)
Healing & Wholeness, Part 1 - The Teachings of Myrtle & Charles Fillmore, Kris Bowman, L.U.T.
Healing & Wholeness, Part 2 - The Teachings of Myrtle & Charles Fillmore, Kris Bowman, L.U.T.
Metaphysics 1.1, Janice Campbell, L.U.T.
Metaphysics 1.2, Janice Campbell, L.U.T.
Metaphysics 2.1, Janice Campbell, L.U.T.
Metaphysics 2.2, Janice Campbell, L.U.T.
The Quest
The Simple Truth
Unity for Today

Prayer Studies and Skills Classes

Life of Prayer, Kris Bowman, L.U.T.
Meditation Practices - Meditation the Unity Way, Donn Davy

Prosperity Classes

Prosperity, Janice Campbell, L.U.T.
Prosperity Principles & Practices, Randy Stemmer, Chaplain Emeritus
Express your Spiritual Gifts, Randy Stemmer, Chaplain Emeritus
Inner Peace & Wholeness, Randy Stemmer, Chaplain Emeritus
Spiritual Enterprise, Randy Stemmer, Chaplain Emeritus
Spiritual Economics, Janice Campbell, L.U.T.

Interdepartmental Studies and Skills

Development of the Unity Movement, Kris Bowman, L.U.T.
Background of New Thought & Unity, Kris Bowman, L.U.T.

Non Violent Communications, Kris Bowman, L.U.T. and Shira Marin, Ph.D.

More Classes and Workshops

A Closer Walk with God, Heidi Listug
Breakthrough Process: A Self-empowered Healing Workshop, Rev. Pat Palmer
Comparative Spirituality
Contemporary Practical Mysticism, Donn Davy
Everyone a Healer Workshop, Rev. Bill Englehart
Family Relationships 101, Nevin Valentine and Darrell Holdaway
HeartMath Workshop, David McArthur
"At the Heart of Healing: In Response to Violence" Workshop, Vic Jenkins
Journey Beyond Words, Sharon Sherrard
Living in Two Worlds, Rev. Pat Palmer
Living Mystic Workshop
The Parables of Jesus, Rev. Pat Palmer
Poetry as Spiritual Practice, Louise Yahnian
Practicing the Power of Now, Heidi Listug
Relationships 101, Nevin Valentine & Darrell Holdaway
Science & Spirituality, Henry Novak