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Proven Path to Prosperity ~ Spiritual Economics Week Three

Sunday, April 26th at 9:30 & 11:15am in the Sanctuary

Today we conclude our Prosperity Series based on the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth. The title of the lesson is Proven Path to Prosperity!
What do the following people have in common?
J.L. Kraft
John D Rockefeller
William Colgate
J. Templeton
Henry Cromwell (Founder of Quaker ...

Drumming Circle

Wednesday, April 29th at 7:15 PM in the Sanctuary

Why a Drumming Circle for a Wednesday Night Service? Like all our Services, the Drumming Circle promotes healing, empowerment and a sense of well-being. Please join Steve Listug for our first Drum Circle in 2015! Bring a drum if you have one, if not, one will be provided for you. All are ... Read More >>

Got Faith?

Sunday, May 3rd at 9:30 & 11:15am in the Sanctuary

Mothers of Unity

Wednesday, May 6th at 7:15 PM in the Sanctuary

In honor of Mother's Day, we will have mothers from the Unity Community give testimonials and the spiritual lessons they have learned from motherhood. Special music will be provided by members of Next Generation Unity.
Next Generation Unity (NGU) is our young adult group at Unity in Marin. NGU ... Read More >>

If I were Good Enough: Awakening to the Divine Mother

Sunday, May 10th at 9:30 & 11:15am in the Sanctuary

Organizing and Manifesting Things That Really Matter to You

Wednesday, May 13th at 7:15 PM in the Sanctuary

Divine Order is the harmonious arrangement of all that is. Guest speaker Anacaria Myrrha, artist, organizer, and author of An Invitation to an Extraordinary Life: A Guide to Discovering, Organizing, and Manifesting the Things That Really Matter to You, will speak about ways to align with Divine ... Read More >>

Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Is

Sunday, May 17th at 9:30 & 11:15am in the Sanctuary

Karen Drucker: Sacred Stillness Through Music

Wednesday, May 20th at 7:15 PM in the Sanctuary

Music has the ability to bypass the mind and sink into the heart. Breathing, stillness, rest, calm, allowing yourself to just “be” and not do for a little while. Allowing yourself to drop into your heart and quiet your mind through music. In our time together, Karen Drucker will create a sacred ... Read More >>

Commune 2B Immune

Sunday, May 24th at 9:30 & 11:15am in the Sanctuary

Quantum Physics and Metaphysics

Wednesday, May 27th at 7:15 PM in the Sanctuary

Just How Alive is a Rock Anyway?? Have you ever considered the aliveness of different forms of the material world? Enjoy this lively and fascinating discussion of the evolution of matter in terms of the evolution of consciousness, from a quantum physicist's perspective; based on the book "Stalking ... Read More >>

Steppin' Up in Unity!

Sunday, May 31st at 9:30 & 11:15am in the Sanctuary

Join us in celebrating our graduates in Youth and Family Ministry! This year our Steppin' Up service contains not only the honoring of our graduates from one class level to the next, but we are also celebrating our Rite of Passage teens! Special Music from Mark Stanton Welch, who has played at YOU ... Read More >>